3 Changes may be coming to restaurants post COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, as a result, forced many local businesses to shut their doors to follow safety measures put in place by the federal and local government. This resulted in many restaurants being hit heavily due to the traditional business model of dine in and much interaction between customers and restaurant employees as part of better customer service as we know today. But the question that keep raising is if the restaurants business model will change or go back to normal. In this article we are going to breakdown three way that restaurants business may change and also give some advice how to adapt.

1. Online ordering/Delivering

According to "The Depaulia" third party delivering apps saw any extreme increase in online order which from 20% which were place through third apps to 75% during coronavirus, what is that tell us? this means about 55% of the orders were placed by the diners or people who enjoyed to go to the store and buy food from there. Does this means that when economy reopen they will stop to order? More experts predict that although people may go back to dine in, the online delivery may not slow down due to people had enough time during the pandemic to adapt to new changes. What should you do to adapt to this new business enviroment? Well, there is two ways to do it; you can either list your business on a third party app and pay commission or develope your own app and keep all your profit.

#2. The raise of Ghost Kitchen

The raise of technology has changed how we live completely from transportation, communication, and now restaurants. Ghost kichen is newly formed industry with the focus on delivery orders, some other people call it cloudkitcken where people or compamy rent a huge facility to prepare meal on demands and emplement delivery services for customers to order. This model cut a lot of cost that traditional restaurants usually have like waiters/waitress, which make their food more cheap than any other local or regular restautant. Some experts predict that this may be the future of restaurants due to their ability to cut costs and make their food cheap. You may be thinking how are you going to do service. The history has proven so many times that the quicker you adapt to the change, the better position you are in to survive. What you can do for now, is start thinking how to integrate a delivering system into your normal business model maybe have your own app, hire your delivery driver, or integrate technology to cut cost.

#3. Strong online prersence

Social media has become a great tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. The data shows that more and more people are now discovering new business and trending products on social media either through the ad or their friends. During this pandemic, social media has proven to be the only way to stay in contact with your client while they are away. Although a lot of businesses have not yet seen the importance of social media- why it matters to their business and their brand, they are lacking the opportunity to create their own tribe and also a community. As we move forward to the future with coming of cloudkitchen, growing demand of online delivery, and also less in-person transaction with customers, social media will be the only tool to help you stay in touch with your customers.

Author : Yves Bagaza



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