How to identify your target customers

When it comes to identifying your target customers it can a little complicated, especially when you are serving the local market. This can be even harder if you are into the restaurant business because you may think that everybody who is hungry can buy your food, in that case you may see no reason to to choose a specific demography for you to target. In this article I am going to explain you how to choose your target audience and why you should have a specific target audience.

#1. Location

Location can influence how and who you can sell your products too. It is highly advised that before you even pick the product to sell you actually understand the market you are dealing with. For example some cities are known to have the best pizza, in this case if you want to open a pizza shop you are going to work hard to catch up to other businesses which have been in the market for years and also you are going to make sure your pizza reaches the standard of your city. Also, location can help you identify accessibility to your store, like roads, parking, and direction of the traffic. Once you understand this you can easily guess which location your customers will come from and also you can run better targeting ads on facebook and instagram.

#2. People

Understanding your customers can give you one step ahead of your competition. Since now you have already done assessment of your location, you should be able to determine who lives in your location and where they live. For example lets say you live in a city with a lot of colleges and universities and you store is more close to them than your competition, it would very obvious to target students and build a better relationship with them than to spend a lot of money trying to steal customers from businesses which have been in business before you. Every year college recruits new students which mean they are new to that market and they are not loyal to any business in your location. Implementing a marketing strategy to convert them into your customers before any other business does can be a big step ahead of your competition such as partnering with a school, offer back to school discount, and also support their clubs and sports. Besides that it is also very important that you understand their habits for instance, we know students have a limited time outside, most of them don't have a car, and also they're busy. In this case doing delivery will better than actually waiting for them to come to your store.

#3. Product

You may be wondering why I placed the product last on my list, here is why. Before you sell or you even think about selling a product in any market you must first understand the market you are going to sell your product and also the people who are going to buy it. If you did your assessment about location and people give a green light, that means you are good to go. I am not going to go in depth about the product because as business owner you should make sure your product reaches or exceeds the market standard. Only you can keep customers coming.

Author : Yves Bagaza


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