How to attract customers - 3 Strategies for Restaurants

It can be very hard for businesses, particularly new ones, to attract customers. However, using these strategies you may be able to win over your completion. In this article we are going to focus on online marketing because currently most restaurant earn their customers loyalty online from google and social media.

1. Organic traffic

There is a few ways you can use to attract customers to your business without spending a penny on ads or any other paid advertisement. Such as posting on your social media account. When you post on your Facebook page or Instagram you are going to reach only people who follow you or people who like your page. Something to keep in mind is the engagement rate on Facebook is about 0.5% and Instagram is about 2% which means you are going to reach that amount of people. With this form of marketing you are not likely to earn new customers but more likely to engage with current customers. We don't recommend this way to a new business but is more useful for already established business.

2. Paid Advertisment

When comes to paid advertisement it is all about advertising to the new customers and this way can help you gain new customers and also build your online followers. As we know Facebook is more powerful than any other advertising platform due to amount of data they have on people, which means you can target people who are more likely to buy or be interested in your product. Instagram offers to target people by interest, demography, location, age, income and many more. It is very important that you understand what you are doing before you run ads because if your ads are not set up well you may end up loosing a lot of money on these platforms. Youtube ads and google ads are not recommended for small business with less than ten stores because google doesn't offer a detailed target as good as Facebook and Instagram.

3. Referrals

This is one of the best strategies with the highest conversation. When it comes to online referrals, many people may not understand how it actually works. Don't worry I am going to break down to you in the way that you will understand. Digital referral is known as "Shoutouts" , which means when you ask your customers to take pictures at your restaurants and share them on their social media, while tagging your business location and social media page. I know it can be very hard and awkward to ask someone to take picture but there is always a better way to ask or encourage people to do so. In the past we launched a program called "Influencer discount". We offered a 20% discount if a customer shared a picture while they were in the store for their last visit and post it on the social media tagging the business. Also we built our regular team of influencers who will regular take pictures and share on their social media. Always focus on local influencers with local followers- it won't make sense to have larger influencers with 50,000 followers if none of them live near your local business, nor would travel to the city or town to do so. Local influencers with a couple thousand followers will help spread the word of your business as their friends, family, and co workers can all get exposure to your business and bring in many new faces.

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