SEO: Easy steps to help your business rank higher in search engines.

It can be very hard for local businesses to rank high, let alone rank number 1 on search engines like Google due big corporations spending unlimited amounts of money to rank highest on the same keywords as local business. Although it seems tough and complicated there is always a room for improvement which can also help you rank higher than your competition.

STEP 1: Social media

Having a social media account for your business like facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn... can help your business rank higher on search engines since google counts them as a back link when pulling the results for a particular keyword or product.

STEP 2: List your business on local directories

Websites which list local businesses such as Yelp, Google my business, and many other more may not be able to pull customers to your business directly but they are a very powerful tool for your business. When google uses them to show the results in the search engine, and the more your business is available on so many platforms online the easier google algorithm will find it.

STEP 3: Keep your Google my business and yelp page updated

Keeping your account updated can help you rank higher in search engine. As we know the premier source of the local business in search engine comes from Google my business and Yelp. It is very important that you regularly update your account pictures, description and also make sure you include potential keywords that your customers maybe using in search engine for example: Sushi near me,...

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