Don't lose your business over Yelp/Google review!!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

How yelp and google reviews are killing restaurant businesses and how you can save your business.

Research shows that 89% of American consumers read reviews before they visit your business. It can be very stressful to see your top google or yelp reviews as one star ratings. Here is how online reviews work and how you can save your business.

It only take less than five reviews to destroy your business. If only five of your customers left reviews, let's say two people gave you five stars and other three gave you only one star, that makes the negative reviews show up before the positive ones and this can make your business have a bad rating of about 3 stars or less. This can affect your business when a new potential customer reads your reviews before visiting. Here is how you can correct it.

Great online customer service can save your business. The first step you should take is to respond to all your customers reviews, whether positive or negative, this strategy can ease the anger that unsatisfied customers may have expressed in the review and also give you a chance to explain your side. When you reply to a negative review is very important that you apologize first then offer the solution for example; "Hi , John we are very sorry for what happened today, our waitress took a long time to serve you due to an unexpected delay caused by large number of customers ordering online. Would you like a store credit for your next visit or a refund? Please let us know how we can make it better. Thank you for your honest feedback because it helps us improve our service and products ".

Sometimes when we read negative reviews we can take the feedback very personal and it can be hard to remain professional and not take their comments to heart. This is why we advise the business owner to have a third party reply to customers reviews, as well as the fact that a third party can tackle your reviews 24/7 as you have a lot to focus on when running a business and may be too busy. Also, remember to ask your clients to review your service and product after leaving the store, as majority of customers prefer to review or comment when they are unsatisfied, rather than happy.

If you are looking for a professional third party to manage your online review account please contact us at the following information, also we offer free consultation for small and mid size business.


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