Which weapon do you need to win business battle today?

How are you staying relevant in your industry? Is your competition smoking you out of the market, or is the other way around? Business battles have increasingly become more tough to win- simply because times have changed. Your customers have more power on your business than yourself. For example now a customer can leave a review, or share their experience on social media, which can win you more customers and more business or drive you out of business. So how can you win? Although it seems tough to win there is one weapon you need which is "DATA".  The more data you have on your customers, the better position you are in to win the battle. You need a perfect way to collect as much data as possible from your clients with the least amount of information such as an email or phone number. This can result in free marketing and save you a ton of money along the way. How do you collect info? The best way to collect info on your customers is by having an app. Once your business has it's own app, your customers will be able to sign up and create an account. This gives the perfect way to collect information, and also you can be able to market back to them with simple push notifications.

With information you can run a successful email marketing, text marketing, and also push notification, which will give a perfect opportunity to create your own business ecosystem.

Author : Yves Bagaza


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